Your Holiday Shopping Just Got Cheaper with Amazon and Discover

Your Holiday Shopping Just Got Cheaper with Amazon and Discover

This year, Thanksgiving falls six days later than usual, which means the time between eating turkey and opening Christmas gifts is less than 30 days. To ease the stress of a shortened holiday shopping season, Discover is partnering with Amazon to offer cardmembers exclusive deals and discounts via “The Discover Store,” a dedicated online storefront, as well as brick-and-mortar Amazon retail features through the end of December.

In addition to the storefront, Discover it® Cash Back and Discover it® Student Cash Back enrolled cardmembers get 5% cash back at different places each quarter like gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and more up to the quarterly maximum, each time you activate, and you’ll earn 1% cash back on all other purchases. The 5% cashback category now through December 31 is, Target, and For example, if you spend $1,000 with an eligible Discover card at any of the three cashback retailers for the quarter, you get $50 back to spend on additional gifts or tuck away.

“We know our cardmembers love shopping with Amazon, and it’s why we include it in our 5% cashback quarterly category,” said Szabolcs Paldy, senior vice president of marketing at Discover. Amazon Launchpad products are also roped into the discounts, with Discover shoppers receiving 20% off a selection of innovative lifestyle brands.

Unfortunately, this promotion doesn’t extend to regular Discover banking customers, but if you’re looking for a rewards credit card, Discover’s cash back cards are among the best in the industry. “When cardmembers sign up for their Discover credit card, they can choose between several rewards structures to find the card that best compliments their spending habits,” Paldy added.

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