In this fast world, health is a major concern for every human being present in this world, due to busy and heavy schedule of work and unhealthy lifestyle there is no doubt and expectation when a person can get a severe disease or he/she may get ill any time. When a person or any member of his/her family gets sick or detects severe disease that needs to be cured in multi-speciality hospitals or nursing homes it requires a lot of finance for the treatment and in this place, a most of common people suffer because of financial issue. To overcome the financial crisis during sudden emergencies every person should be covered with some insurance plans for health. To help you out in this article we have come up with best health insurance plans for a family in India and will list out some of the best features of it as well, check out the following article below:

Unlike individual health insurance plans that cover the benefits for any individual during the medical financial crisis, a family health insurance plan covers the health risks for your entire family depending on the number of members of your family. Certain insurance companies provide complete family health insurance plan as well, do check out our list and select for your insurance plan as per your requirements:

  • Bajaj Health Guard Family Floater Plan:

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If you are looking for a family health insurance that covers people from 18-65 years of age are covered and also dependent children from the age of 3-25 years can be covered the Bajaj Health Guard Family Floater Plan is the best health insurance plans for a family in India you can choose for your family. In this health insurance plan, the pre and post hospitalization expenses can cover up to 90 days which takes up all the medical expenses and treatment as well.

  • Star Family Health Optima Insurance:

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The Star Family health insurance plan covers all the medical risks if your age is above 18 and your family members are within 18-65 years of age. The best part of this insurance plan is that if you have a newborn baby then he/she will be covered with all the benefits of the health insurance within 16th day of birth.

  • Tata AIG Wellsurance Family Plan:

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The Tata AIG health insurance comes with the benefits that cover 11 critical illnesses as mentioned with the policy wordings. It covers your family from this critical illness if your member’s age group is between 18-65 years. It also covers all other expenses like permanent disabilities, accidental death of any member of the family.

The above mentioned were the best health insurance plans for a family in India, hope you liked the information we have provided. Thank you for being with us.